Sell your IELTS courses by Subscriptions (Recurring Payments) using IELTS LMS and Learndash

Hello Trainers

Creating a well-structured and result-driven IELTS course is not easy at all. It takes multiple hours to structure the course, putting all the information and knowledge you have to make a 10-15 hour crisp course. It is not the end. It requires multiple revisions to make it ready for the students, so it can bring results for them. That is not all. The hard part begins when you launch it on the market. It is difficult to sell the course when the course price is above 10,000. Many trainers and institutes, which provide live classes, offer EMI options, but due to often late payments, business revenue and relationships suffer both. If your business also struggles with selling high-ticket courses or collecting EMI payments, then our IELTS LMS recurring payment feature is for you.

In recurring payments, your customer is billed according to what you specify as the billing cycle.

You only need to set up the system once and it collects payments regularly in accordance with your predetermined schedule. Your firm will have more time for other crucial coaching responsibilities because you won’t have to spend

It eases the strain on students.

The majority of students find it difficult to pay the entire sum at once. A one-time payment could alter the purchasing behaviour of the student. Without regard to your skills, students begin hunting for less expensive solutions. Your company’s sales growth could be negatively impacted by this. Now that students have the option to pay in instalments, both the student’s ability to pay and your ability to collect payment will be simplified. They just need to set up the timetable and add a card. The payments will be automatically taken out according to a defined schedule.

Students can also add a card for a trial period of a specific number of days, during which they can remove it if they decide not to continue.

Increased student-teacher interactions

Students will find recurring payments to be much easier because they just need to submit their billing information once. From there, recurring payments take over and deduct money from their bank accounts on the proper invoicing days. Students don’t need to enter their payment information each billing cycle or set any reminders for unpaid invoices. If used properly, regular payments can foster a positive relationship between you and the pupils.

Reduces effort

Recurring payments that are automated save time and money compared to manual invoicing and payment processing. Once you’ve established the initial payment schedule, the software will take care of processing payments for you. Only when adjustments need to be made to the payment type or charge amount will your involvement be necessary.

How it works: 

Nothing complicated about this set-up, just three easy steps:

  • Add a price
  • Select payment type (“Recurring”)
  • Set the trial day (Optional)
  • Enter billing cycle information (if it is “Weekly or Monthly”)

IELTS LMS will then apply these payment settings to your course!

The Future Looks (Very) Good

I also want to thank everyone who has made suggestions on how we can continually improve IELTS LMS.  We are extremely grateful for your participation in our development.

Speaking of which…

We have in the works a handful of very exciting updates coming your way – you will certainly want to keep an eye out for them!

Until next time!

About Parul Bathla

Parul Bathla is a business coach. She has over 3 years of experience consulting and guiding IELTS trainers and institutes. She has helped tons of IELTS Trainers grow their brand by educating them on how to use popular channels like Ielts LMS and marketing strategies.

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