Practicing made easier

The examination screen appears identical to that of authentic test screen that contains a notepad in itself which enables you to make important notes. While practicing, you will come to know such things that may not be known to you which can be proven beneficial if noted and kept in mind.

Word Limit

Keeping a word count
Reaching the word limit is an imperative need of examination but a learner can’t waste time on counting the number of words.

Word count feature (right beneath the answer box) helps you overcome this problem by simply calculating the number of words written by the learner as he/she writes, helping them to keep in mind how far they’ve to go.

Features and Benefits of our IELTS Software

Writing Module in IELTS consists of two parts in itself namely General and the Academic. Both these parts entail two separate tasks in them. General part includes writing a letter and an essay whereas Academic part involves describing a graph/diagram and writing an essay. Task 2 i.e. writing an essay is worth more marks than writing a letter or describing a graph as in task 1. Total time given in this module is 60 minutes. Keeping the requirement of minimum number of words in mind, a candidate on average should spend 20 minutes on task 1 and 40 minutes on the second one.

Pointing to our software and its use during the writing module, a candidate will experience
following features:

1.Time management strategy in an examination is the most important thing you can do to succeed. Here, a timer located on downside of the screen is set to retain you on time for finishing your task.

2. The examination screen in our software looks just similar to that of authentic test screen of main IELTS exam in which graph/diagram and the space where you need to write your letter/essay are visible in conjunction.

3. Candidate who is practicing can also save his writings as a draft for further use; ‘Save Draft’ option is located on right down side of the screen.

4. As fulfilling limit of words is an imperative need of examination, but candidate can’t waste time on counting the number of words. To overcome this, word count feature is located below the space area where a candidate will be answering and it will be easy for him/her to know how much is to be written.

5. One can also review his/her writings before final submission. Make sure you write words as per the requirements.

6. A candidate can consult an IELTS professional expert to make his/her performance assessment done and get scored.

7. A candidate’s detailed feedback and the band score for this module will be available within 48 hours of completing the test.

8. You can go to the report column if you notice any mistakes during the test. One can easily review and share his/her test and recording.

9. You can look up to My Dashboard for letting yourself know your tests performance which will display target score, average score, total tests you attempted, average time taken by you and your accuracy in answering the questions. All these sections are separately present for all modules of the test.

10. Candidate can also have a look to their practice test history which will enable them to enhance skills by appearing in the tests at the greatest level possible.

Reading the benefits of this module will itself attract you to practice on our software as it
possess a good number of merits which are proved helpful for the candidate. Some of them
are enlisted here:

1. Timer, a specialized clock helps the candidate to complete the test on time and avoid delays. It is significant in configuring the appeared person’s potential throughout.

2. Review tab on screen aid the candidate with systematic evaluation of the questions attempted by him/her which will enable the person to finish the task and be on time.

3. Consulting with the professional IELTS expert will give you genuine experience of your real test and you can improve to a much greater level if it’s required.

4. Save Draft option is beneficial for the candidate as they can themselves monitor their writings after the test has ended. This will help in improving and decoding mistakes done by them in the test.

5. Report column will allow you to register mistake if you are not satisfied with the answer or assessment of a particular problem and that will easily resolve your query related to issue.

6. You can look to your dashboard anytime you want which will show your test performance with practice history, band score and much more for every module separately.

7. Leader board that displays ranking informs the candidate how close he/she is to the goal. Letting them know that the goal is achievable inspires them to keep working on it until the aim is reached. Leader board makes performance visible to others.

Overall, we can say it is a real time genuine experience for main IELTS examination and anaspirant can prepare through this software to a great extent. Its countless features make online testing simple and easier for a candidate to get best scores.

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