Are you not able to Justify a Higher IELTS Course Fee?

If you plan to charge a premium for your course, you must ensure the experience lives up to the price tag. That could mean offering a little something extra to help IELTS students justify the cost.

At a minimum, your course should provide top-notch content and a seamless student interface. But you can also include a few extras to incentivize IELTS learners to sign up for your course. Here are five options to consider if you’re looking for ways to justify a higher course price and sweeten the deal for students.

1. Share downloadable bonus content.

Students love a useful freebie. Assignments, worksheets, and other downloadable goodies provide value by helping students jump-start course lessons to their specific needs. 

The type of freebie you offer will depend on your course topic. For example, if your course is about IELTS Reading, you might give away free material to practice who enroll. 

2. Enlist the help of a well-known instructor.

You don’t need an A-list celebrity to be the face of your course, but having a recognisable and reputable instructor helps. Prospective students who are confident in the IELTS trainer will be more willing to pay a higher price.

Make certain that you—or whoever is teaching your course—are well-known in the field of IELTS and have relevant credentials. Highlight those qualifications in your course description, and emphasise on your expertise.

3. Provide one-on-one coaching

Online learning can feel impersonal at times, especially if students do not receive individual attention from the IELTS trainer. Give each student who signs up for your course a personal and premium touch by offering one-on-one coaching.

For example, you could offer each student a 30-minute Zoom session, or you could provide detailed, personalised feedback using the IELTS LMS Audio recording feature.

4. Establish a community.

Connecting with other students can be just as beneficial to some students as a qualified instructor and one-on-one coaching. Make it simple for students to network with one another by creating a private community Like Groups, social feeds and Discussion forums. Well, you can add all these community platforms to your website using IELTS LMS.

5 Make certification available.

If your course provides a valuable certification, you can justify charging a little more for it. This may necessitate some additional effort on your part to coordinate with the governing body or association for your IELTS  industry, but it may be worth the extra effort to provide this added value to your learners—and boost the credibility of your course.

The Future Looks (Very) Good

In a nutshell, upgradation is the key. Upgrade your IELTS coaching using IELTS LMS.

Speaking of which…

We have in the works a handful of very exciting updates coming your way – you will certainly want to keep an eye out for them!

Until next time! 

About Parul Bathla

Parul Bathla is a business coach. She has over 3 years of experience consulting and guiding IELTS trainers and institutes. She has helped tons of IELTS Trainers grow their brand by educating them on how to use popular channels like Ielts LMS and marketing strategies.

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