7 Ways to generate revenue using IELTS LMS

7 ways to generate revenue using IELTS LMS

Being a full-time IELTS trainer is not an easy job. It includes planning and assigning daily tasks, registering test scores and monitoring student progress, providing feedback, and having a comprehensive discussion with the students and their guardians about when the candidate can appear for the examination.

It is not all. Even after working full-time, the income is also limited. In this post, I will be sharing multiple practical ways to increase the source of income. I have also tried to share the practical steps you can follow to launch these services on your website using IELTS LMS.

Every year 3-5M users take the IELTS test but not all get the required band in the first attempt. Many students do need practice on a specific module. Many of them need revision or a crash course before the retake. Self-practice program is also the first preference of job doing people.

Along with your mainstream income source, Live coaching, I have listed other methods from which you can generate continuous income.

IELTS Reality Test

What is the IELTS reality test? The IELTS reality test is a mock IELTS test that students appear in before taking an actual exam. 

IELTS LMS reading mockup

There are 2 reasons IELTS students give the IELTS reality test. First, to check his preparation. IELTS reality tests are conducted in the same environment student would be in a real IELTS exam. Logging in at the Exam time, taking the test under the same time restrictions, and evaluating by the same level of faculty help make students get familiar and comfortable.

Secondly, money is a factor. The actual IELTS exam fee is $250 (₹ 14,700), which is quite high compared to other exams. Students want to check their level before paying the $250 IELTS test fee. 

A study conducted by IELTS Business with 250+ coaching institutes reveals every 6 students out of 10 take the IELTS realty test.

Here comes an opportunity for you to let your students use your website to register for the IELTS reality test after paying a nominal fee of $10-20. 

Using IELTS LMS, you can easily conduct and schedule IELTS reality tests. After installing IELTS LMS, you can upload a reality test and set the registration and time of the test. 

Writing evaluation service: 

A writing evaluation service is where a student pays the trainer to evaluate his test. The trainer provides a detailed review of the writing on four parameters, Task achievement, Coherence and cohesion, Lexical Resources, and grammatical range and accuracy. 

Writing is one of the modules most students are afraid of. Because of its uncertain nature writing module has become the toughest module. Most of the students fail to achieve good band scores in writing.

So it is always a wise option for a student to practice more and more writing tests and get the evaluation from the trainer. 

With IELTS LMS, you can upload writing tasks, which students can choose to answer and submit their essays. You can also set the pricing for your evaluation. 

After the student submits the essay, LMS provides you an option to comment on improving ideas, vocabulary, writing skills, academic language, and structure. It also has separate tabs that provide easy options you can select on four parameters. 

Speaking evaluation service: 

Speaking evaluation service is where a student gets detailed feedback from the trainer to improve his speaking skills.

Likewise writing, many students find the speaking modules difficult, especially those from non-English speaking countries. Most students find themselves confused, fumble, and struggle to speak before the examiner. Practicing beforehand, the student gets confidence, fluency, and continuity. 

Therefore, adding speaking-specific services to your portal can add extra income to your pocket. There are 2 options in IELTS LMS you can use to launch the speaking evaluation services on your website. 

One-to-one speaking: You can manage face-to-face paid speaking appointments using IELTS LMS. It integrates with your google calendar and allows the user an option to book a 15-minute slot on zoom. After the appointment is booked, the user gets a zoom link on his email id. It handles your schedule and payments seamlessly without letting you do anything. 

Virtual speaking assistant: It is also a great option where students can attempt the test without the trainer’s presence. Students hear the question and answer it using the microphone. After he finishes the test, you can hear the recordings in the trainer’s dashboard and provide feedback.

Live Classes service: 

Online coaching is quite common and is the need of every student. But how does IELTS LMS make the live classes experience better? Where most trainers share zoom links with their students before class, IELTS LMS integration with zoom makes live class joining simple and seamless. 

LMS courses option allows you to schedule live classes in the form of a lesson, and with payment integration, you can easily sell your courses. The student joins the class on the website with one click. 

Taking classes on your website makes it simple to manage classes and helps your brand grow. The recording section allows users to watch live class recordings after the class. 

Paid IELTS practice worksheets:  

Practice worksheets are the best way to prepare for IELTS in a focused way. Your students can experience real tests before they do an IELTS test. Practice mocks cover all four-part. The user gets detailed feedback and indicative band score in all tests with overall band scores. 

Why should you include practice worksheets on your portal? 

It benefits you in 3 ways.

First, useful and value-adding worksheets are the easiest way to engage website visitors. It gets you real-time engagement and traffic. 

Secondly, it works as a powerful lead magnet by letting your users register on your platform to start the practice. 

Third, you can also create paid packages and start selling them. 

IELTS LMS gives you the robust and advanced features to manage the entire IELTS test series, from registration to payment. 

The student receives detailed reporting in all four modules. 

In reading, IELTS LMS highlights question location in the paragraph and shows a detailed explanation for each question. 

In listening, the answer location is added to the audio transcript.

After submitting the test, the user gets the sample answers in writing and speaking. You can also provide feedback on submitted essays and recordings. Creating worksheets would take a one-time effort and doesn’t require your presence. You can easily make it the center of user attraction and make passive income with LMS robust features. 

Pre-recorded lessons: 

Recorded lessons are part of a self-learning course. Students can learn from them in inflexible hours. Self-learning courses are getting more and more preference as it is precise, delivering more knowledge in less time user is not bounded in time slots. It is also the first choice of general students who are mostly on job shifts.

Why should you create a self-learning program? 

Creating a self-learning course offers you a passive income stream and brings students from all over the globe by reaching a wider audience.

A comprehensive learning management system (LMS), such as IELTS LMS, provides your branded course website, marketing, and engagement tools. You get the opportunity to build something from ground zero. You can easily sell your course on your website without paying to any third-party website like udemy.

Its addon tools allow you to drip-feed your lessons and add lessons with live-stream. Each section can have IELTS tests followed by a video lesson. 

Group packages: 

As an IELTS trainer, you can offer 2 types of services in the IELTS marketplace, B2C and B2B. B2C is where you sell your services directly to IELTS students. On the other hand, in B2B, you can assist coaching centers that don’t have expert faculty and want your white label services. 

IELTS LMS group feature allows you to distribute courses to a group of people and sell them to enterprises

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