IELTS LMS: Why do you need eLearning for your IELTS Institute?


Why do you need e-learning for your IELTS Institute?

Well-known education Institutes state that e-learning is the second most valuable teaching method.

This is given that e-learning saves institutes at least 50 percent when they replace traditional instructor-based training with e-learning.

If you are looking to roll out new IELTS training nationwide, IELTS LMS is all you need.

IELST LMS e-learning allows you to deploy new IELTS courses and track their completion on the go.

E-learning materials are securely stored online so your students can access important resources anytime they need it.

Giving access to real-time Computer-based IELTS test experience, along with automated band score and detailed explanation, enable students to digest information more effectively compared to one-off touch-and-go face-to-face training.

E-learning increases motivation and boosts engagement by instilling greater self-confidence in students.

A satisfied and confident student is more likely to increase your business with references.

What can you do with IELTS LMS e-learning?

In the era of digitalization, we can no longer expect everyone to be on board with a one-dimensional learning solution.

With the help of the internet, self-paced e-learning methods have provided the student multiple ways to learn online when they want and where they want.

You can convert your traditional classroom training into blended learning while you’re running face-to-face training.

You may use e-learning to distribute learning materials, track attendance, conduct pre and post evaluations as well as award certificates and points.

IELTS LMS Marketplace web conferencing apps also allow you to conduct live virtual classes using Microsoft teams, cisco Webex or zoom.

How to choose the right eLearning platform?

The problem many Institutes face is choosing between the many available platforms to identify which is the best choice for their setting.

While e-learning is a must-have tool, it can be difficult to migrate from traditional learning to e-learning without an expert e-learning support team.

IELTS LMS is the first IELTS plugin for WordPress and is supported by IELTS. Business team, aimed at providing a single robust secure, and integrated system for IELTS trainers, administrators, and learners to create personalized learning environments.

The platform is built on open-source resources that power tens of thousands of learning environments worldwide, trusted by large and small institutions and organizations.

IELTS LMS is trusted by Multi-country institutes like Alpha Mary. National institutes like IELTSEdu and state institutes like Taral Sir Institute have appointed IELTS LMS to run their IELTS programs.

IELTS LMS is developed in India and Canada and is supported worldwide.

Our team comprises e-learning experts, IELTS content developers, and consultants who can guide and support your e-learning implementation plans.

IELTS LMS is suitable for small, medium or large Institutes.

we offer on-cloud and on-site solutions to cater your needs.

Various integrations and single sign-on options are included in all packages.

From single website installations to complex multisite platforms, we design and configure each hosting environment to meet the specific needs of your organization and your learners.

From security to performance and integration with other systems will ensure IELTS LMS fits seamlessly into your existing eLearning processes.

Start modernizing your IELTS institute today with modern IELTS LMS. To find out more email at [email protected].

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